An open-access database to make available salmon diet information with an initial input of data largely coming from 1959–1969 and 1987–1997. Read more here.

Read about our new findings on juvenile salmon sealice loads in BC here: paper | media 

Jacob Lerner and Natalie Mahara participate on the 2020 winter surveys in the Gulf of Alaska as part of the International Year of the Salmon team. Read more here. 

There is truth in the saying “you are what you eat”; even more so if you are a salmon or herring swimming off the British Columbia coast, a recent UBC study discovered. Read more here

Hear Pelagic Ecosystems Lab PI Brian Hunt discuss plastics in marine ecosystems Listen here.  

Learn about about our research with the Hakai Coastal Initiative Food Web Working Group, figuring out how plankton food webs work and support our marine ecosystems.

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, UBC IOF’s Pelagic Ecosystems Lab participated in the Salmon Science Expo at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. This was a community engagement event and an opportunity to allow visitors of all ages to investigate and appreciate wild salmon by exploring interactive displays, examining specimens, and conducting experiments. Researchers Vanessa Fladmark, […]

Chinook, also known as Spring salmon, stocks in have been in decline, which has implications for entire BC marine food web

Hakai Coastal Initiative Marine Food Webs Working Group (FWWG) undertook a 10-day sampling trip which looked at day/night behaviour of bacteria, protists, zooplankton, and parasites in the Strait of Georgia.