Land-Sea Connections on the Coastal Margin

The Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest (PCTR) has been characterized as a coastal margin hotspot due to its exceptional freshwater discharge and dissolved and particulate matter flux. Through a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes, these inputs can play a key role in marine ecosystem functioning across a range of spatial scales, from local embayments to the panarctic Riverine Coastal Domain (sensu Carmack et al., 2015).

The Plankton Ecosystems laboratory conducts research into:

  • The flux of terrestrial Carbon and Nitrogen to the coastal ocean;
  • The processing and uptake of terrestrial Carbon and Nitrogen by the marine food web;
  • The role of freshwater in coastal ocean hydrodynamics, and its impact on nutrient cycling and phytoplankton productivity.

Lab personnel:

  • Dr. Kyra St Pierre (PDF) – linking the land and sea: nutrient fluxes from small rainforest watersheds;
  • Dr. Andrew Margolin (PDF) – coastal ocean biogeochemistry and characterization of the Riverine Coastal Domain;
  • Thomas Smith (MSc candidate) – relationship between salmonid smolt production and interannual variation in stream discharge for the Pacific Northwest.

This research is conducted in partnership with the:

The Hakai Watersheds Observatory

Coastal Rainforest Margins Network