You are what you eat. Without healthy food webs, salmon will not get the nutrition they need. Read about research into high seas salmon food webs here.

The Distell fat meter is a handheld device with a sensor that, when pressed against a salmon, measures microwave reflectance and uses the relationship between water and lipid content to determine lipid content of the muscle below. Read more here

Knowledge integration across salmon life histories; Watch seminar

Information and Q & A session on heatwaves effects on BC marine ecosystems – youtube video  

An open-access database to make available salmon diet information with an initial input of data largely coming from 1959–1969 and 1987–1997. Read more here.

Read about our new findings on juvenile salmon sealice loads in BC here: paper | media 

Jacob Lerner and Natalie Mahara participate on the 2020 winter surveys in the Gulf of Alaska as part of the International Year of the Salmon team. Read more here.